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Benefits of using a Sketch Wallet for Inktober

Inktober is upon us and that means it's time to come up with a plan. If you're new to Inktober, it's basically a drawing challenge started by Jake Parker as a way to develop your creativity and make better drawing habits (and celebrate the love of ink on paper). The idea is to put some ink on paper every day in October. If you need a boost you can use his list of daily prompts provided at

Check out this video to be inspired...

"For me Sketch Wallet and Inktober work great together. Sketch Wallet made it easier to follow through with a whole month of ideas because it was small, fast and mobile. I had no excuses to miss a day. Plus it kept all of my Inktobers in one place where I could create a consistent look and theme."   Guy Francis

Every year we see tons of Sketch Wallet/Inktober posts and thought we would share just a few of the benefits of using a Sketch Wallet to do this challenge.

1. It's small. I've seen so many artists start become overwhelmed with a huge blank sketchbook staring back at them. It's fun for a day or two and then they seem to fizzle out. Small sketchbooks keep you focused and keeps your drawings simple. You're able to pack in more details than you probably thought you could at a small size but it forces you to not go too crazy. Thus allowing you to not get burnt out.  

2. It will save you time. Drawing every day becomes a big time commitment and to purposely keep it simple will keep your time spent on it under control. I spoke with one artist the other day about that and he showed my his Inktober sketches from 2017 and they were super detailed. I mean epic sketches, but he said it nearly did him in to spend hours every day on them. He then showed me his 2018 Inktober drawings and they were also amazing but much more simple and manageable. Instead of big elaborate scenes they would be a single well thought out character by itself. If you're able to put lots of time into it then you should - go crazy! But if you're like the rest of us then keep it realistic.

3. It's convenient. Because Sketch Wallet is intended to be carried with you in your pocket or purse it allows you to get your sketching in with all the little free moments that occur during the day. If you have it with you it's also a visual reminder to get your sketch done for the day. I've sketched at some pretty odd times and places. For example I've sketched at the corner waiting for the crosswalk light to change. It helps keep you in drawing mode.


So there's a few reasons to include Sketch Wallet in your Inktober challenge. We'd love to hear how Sketch Wallet has helped you through Inktober. Drop us a line...

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