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Artist Introduction: Gregery Miller

Gregery Miller is a young artist with a trippy style that was able to get into some amazing projects including ones for Disney, Netflix Animation and more. 

Gregery, please introduce yourself...

I grew up in the southwest corner of Massachusetts, close to the borders of New York and Connecticut. I was raised on my families' fifth generation tobacco farm and spent my summers as a teen working there for my father. The town I grew up in is like something out of the 1800s, it only has one general store and anything else is at least 20 minutes away. I went to school with the same 25 kids from kindergarten through the 8th grade. Because of my upbringing I'm highly inspired by nature, and ancient myths. When I was in junior high school I began writing a one page story for a class assignment. This was the start of something big for me. When the assignment was over, I was so invested that I began worldbuilding and designing all of the characters that lived there. I worked on this story all through high school and created a field guide of around 200 characters with backstories, maps, and concept art. As I grew older it became clear, my dream job was to be a character designer and to work in animation.

I never felt like I fit in at my public high school so when my best friend got into a performing arts charter high school I followed suit and learned to play one song on the guitar, just to get in. Even though this school had a visual arts concentration, a performance aspect was still required. I really just wanted to draw though. After two years of classes in fields, calling teachers by their first names, and not always wearing shoes during school hours, I went to art school in Boston and pursued my passion; animation.

After graduating from MassArt I landed my first real art job with Clambake Animation on an Adult Swim animated series. I worked for this studio on and off for a couple of years and it was an incredible and challenging experience. When that project concluded I tried to get any art job I could find and I landed one in the game industry on Disney's Fairies for Hitpoint Games. Unfortunately this project ended early and I was on the job market again quickly. Next up I was a designer on a board game, a custom framer, an ESL teacher in Mexico City, a comic illustrator in Oakland, a scenic painter and artist's assistant in New York, and finally last year I landed what felt like my dream job, back in animation again! I designed backgrounds on The Midnight Gospel for Netflix. I'm currently working in animation production on some top secret projects, doing some freelance, and working on my ongoing comic series, The Tales of Reverie, which I've been developing for the last ten years. You can learn more about this project on the Patreon Campaign! This comic is kind of an evolution of the big story from high school.

I hope in the future that I can continue working on fun animation projects and also stay close to my family and nature! Strangely enough, this pandemic has made that more possible than ever.


Gregery Miller
Artist / Illustrator / Animator

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