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Viviva Colors Travel Watercolor w/ Water Brush

$ 32.00

Made by Viviva in India. Vibrant watercolors packed in a paper booklet with Viviva Colorsheets AND a convenient water brush. It features 16 ultra-pigmented water color paints from sun-baked premium dyes that are so vivid — each brushstroke will breathe life into your artwork!

Lasts Long So You Can Create More: You won’t have to replace your water color set so often. Our paper-thin watercolors for adults are comparable to half-pan sets, so you can paint to your heart's content for months!

No Messy, Complicated Setups: Painting doesn't have to be messy and daunting every time! Our watercolor set for adults features a reusable mixing palette for easy color blending and water-resistant dividers that prevent colors from mixing.

Fits Right in Your Pocket, Large or Carry Sketch Wallet: Never miss a moment of inspiration! Our watercolor paints for adults are conveniently smaller than a phone and ready to tag along with you whether you're traveling, sketching outdoors, or attending an art class.