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Artists Helping Artists

This section will feature artists who are looking for work. Meet John Taylor. 
I live in Southern California but I grew up in Connecticut. Growing up watching and loving many comics and cartoons, I have spent a great deal of my time as an artist working on traditional skills such as inking with a brush and/or nib pen, water color and pencil drawing. I also possess skill in the Adobe suite, primarily Photoshop. I am willing to learn any other skill or program that will advance me in my artistic skill and career. I received a BFA from SUU with an emphasis in illustration. I am 100% willing to move. I am looking for a job in a illustration/design role. I feel like my imagination and cartooning skills are my best assets. I am, therefore, willing to do anything within a creative role, because that is where an employer can utilize my skills the best. My dream job would be a freelance cartoonist or comic strip artist. The sequential art form has long appealed to me and I just think it would be a lot of fun (isn't that why most people get into art in the first place?).
The website I post most of my work on (including sketchbook stuff and progress shots) would be I also post all of my finished work on Behance at
Any leads? Email
If you or an artist you know is looking for work please email and  we'll spread the word and try to help.

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